Why a Healthy Employee
Should Matter to You?

Most people don’t like going to the doctor. But when you are considering a potential employee for a new job, you must make them go through pre employment physicals to ensure they are healthy and ready to start on the right foot. We at Med7 provide physicals and wellness exams that get employees in and out on their own time and let them remain on top of their health. 

There is a multitude of employment physicals to suit the requirements of several occupations and business settings. You can add more services to the physicals as per specific job requirements. These additional services include hepatitis B series, tuberculosis screening, audiology, chest x-rays, drug screenings, and more.

The Need for a Pre-Employment Medical Examination

Physicals help to evaluate an employee’s health. According to studies, a pre-employment medical can help you save money thanks to fewer injuries, accidents, and worker’s compensation claims. A human performance evaluation is vital because it improves confidence in both you and the employee. Both of you know that the job will be completed to the best of the employee’s ability. 

In certain cases, a pre-placement test helps to diagnose chronic conditions or potential illnesses that could limit the individual from performing the job efficiently. The reports also serve as a baseline to analyze health over time or after an injury.

Types of Work-Related Physicals

In Sacramento, medical teams offer the following types of physicals:

  • Standard
  • Pre-employment
  • Return-to-work
  • DOT

How Can Employees Prepare for the Exam?

There’s no way an employee can change their health overnight, but they can prepare the paperwork and other materials they will need for the physical:

  1. Documents from the employer mentioning the services they require
  2. Equipment and materials like hearing aids, glasses, etc. for additional tests
  3. Valid ID proof such as an employer-issued badge, state or federal ID, or driver’s license
  4. Information about past surgeries, allergies, medical conditions, and medications

What Happens During a Work-Related Physical?

When employees arrive at a center for urgent care in Sacramento for their physical, a provider will evaluate their overall health. The healthcare professional will check for any symptoms that indicate chances of chronic conditions or illness. Usually, the provider will check:

  • Vital signs – temperature, heart rate, blood pressure
  • Abdomen to understand the condition of your bowel, liver, and other organs
  • Skin to eliminate chances of any underlying conditions
  • Lungs to check for any difficulty breathing or wheezing
  • Heart to identify any probable signs of heart disease

Are There Any Other Ways to Measure Employee’s Health?

Biometric screening is another way to gauge an employee’s wellness. Similar to the pre-placement test, screenings check physical characteristics like body mass index, height, weight, blood pressure, along with additional indicators like glucose and lipids levels. These indicators are vital in analyzing the employee’s health and can help to know the chances of heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. 


With the help of a pre-placement test, companies are assured that potential employees are mentally and physically capable of taking responsibility for the job. Apart from testing the vital signs of a candidate, the test can also include specific tests such as physical ability and stamina testing, psychological testing, and drug and alcohol testing.