Employer Services

Occupational Medicine (OCC MED) - MED7 ® At Work!

We Have Experience:

At MED7 ® we know that proper pre-employment screening services save businesses thousands of dollars down the road in lost time and lost productivity.

With over twenty years of experience specializing in occupational health care we have learned how to expedite pre-employment drug screenings, physicals and back evaluations while providing quality medical services.

Professional & Diagnostic Services​

We Do It By Providing An Efficient Pre- Employment System:

Every attempt is made to see each patient within 20 minutes of arrival to our center. For your convenience, MED7 ® offers the following on-site services:

  • Urine Drug Testing: Express Test Drug Screen (results in 1 hour), Basic Drug Screen and DOT Drug Screen
  • Alcohol Testing: Breath Alcohol Testing with Confirmation
  • Physical Examinations: Basic Pre/Post employment, Annual, and DOT/DMV
  • TB Testing: PPD and Chest X-Ray
  • Spirometry
  • Basic Audiology
  • Hepatitis Series
  • Tetanus Immunization

We Do It On Our Time:

MED7 ® provides services 12 hours a day and is open every day of the year. There is a physician on duty at all times, which enhances our ability to provide services to our clients that conduct business beyond regular hours.

All routine medical services are available weekends and evenings – No Appointment is Necessary.

We Keep You Current:

MED7® has an on-site manager that is the single point of contact for our employer clients. We customize each client profile based on your individual needs and fax, mail or call results of pre-employment testing in less than 24 hours.


MED7 ® Is Here to Help!

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